Survival of the Fittest or Karmic Justice?

As a child in grammar school, I thought extinction was something
that applied only in pre-historic times, and only to dinosaurs and a "mythical" bird, not known for its quick wit and intellect (nor its survival skills apparently), called the “Do-Do Bird.” It didn’t seem possible to my fragile young mind that in this modern day and age, with all the knowledge we humans possess and our seemingly endless supply of land and resources, that extinction would ever be a relevant concern in "real life." Having retained some of that idealism from my childhood, I still have trouble swallowing the bitter pill that reality shoves down my throat. Mostly because I know it doesn't have to be this way…

But before change can occur, we must first take our heads out of the sand and accept the error of our ways.

The accompanying article depicts but one example of the sad but true reality of the ongoing destruction of our planet and the tragic extinction of its life forms, a direct result of years of human greed, ignorance and apathy. Like irresponsible children that break their toys given to them as gifts, having not yet developed understanding of concepts like worth, value, depreciation and impermanence, so do we destroy the precious gifts bestowed upon us; the only difference is that we, as adults, should know better. We are entrusted with the responsibility to show our children how to survive, thrive, conserve (precious resources) and preserve life on this planet, with intention of creating an abundant, secure future for planet Earth, humanity and all terrestrial life.

Is our current path of destruction what we want to pass on to our children? Is it what YOU want to pass on to YOUR children? Time to start caring, sharing and daring to make a difference! Unfortunately, it may soon be too late for the dwindling population of certain species as well as for some of the Earth's rapidly depleting resources, but – time is of the essence!

Love and Light,


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Blue Velvet

And the sky wore Blue Velvet.
Like an emperor shining in his Royal Blue threads, the glistening sky commanded the setting sun to bow down to the earth as it made its nightly descent from the heavens. Slowly the thin veil of horizon dropped to its knees to kiss the ground below, while the trees swayed silently,
a forest of dark silhouettes tangled up in blue.

© Lisa Pearlman
Words & Photo by Lisa Pearlman
(Photo taken with iPhone 5c)


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Gratitude is the Answer

With all the hustle & bustle yesterday, I never shared my blog post that I crafted yesterday morning on one of my social networks. Sooooo…a day late and a few dollars short, par for the course in my discombobulated mind-centered universe, I present to you my “Thanksgiving post” on Gratitude. Because every day is an opportunity to Give Thanks! So, without further ado…

“Good Morning fam! And Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, today is as good a day as any to count your blessings!

Set aside a few minutes of quiet time today to reflect and refresh, before you amp up the pace to match the frenzy of the holiday season, which officially begins on (Black) Friday, but for many of us begins today with Thanksgiving preparations and travel. A great way to welcome this “most wonderful time of the year” is to write (or type) a Gratitude list that you will keep with you (on your smartphone or in your wallet) to reflect on each morning and evening. This mindful practice raises your vibrational frequency to its peak level, increasing your energy, patience, hardiness (ability to handle stress in a positive way), and capacity to love, as well as improving your general mood and mindset. NOW is the perfect time to begin a daily mindfulness practice, (i.e. meditation, journaling, gratitude list, positive affirmations, mantras) and cultivate an “Attitude of Gratitude” to usher in the New Year. Just think, it takes approximately 21 days to develop a habit, so by New Year’s Eve you will already be well on your way to living a happy and fulfilling life, without changing your external circumstances at all! Your reality will shift just by you changing your inner self! By living mindfully, in the “Now,” and embracing each moment with gratitude in your heart, you will not only shift your perspective, but will also, change your perceptual experience of reality and the world you live in.

Operating from the vibrational frequency that resonates with Love and Gratitude, you will co-create, in tandem with “Universe-Source-God,” your reality based on your grand design. Your positive energy and thoughts will manifest abundance in all areas of your life, in accordance with the Universal Law of Attraction. It all begins with your inner work and transformation. It all begins with your thoughts.
“I think, therefore I AM.”

With Love and Gratitude,

© Lisa Pearlman 11/27/14



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RIP Robin Williams: Shine On You Crazy Diamond

It is both a tragedy and a travesty… May he live on through his amazing legacy of Love & Laughter…he will forever be remembered by the millions he touched…


Robin Williams 1951-2014

A man and an actor adored by millions for his fun-loving personality, quirky humor, comedic talent, selfless generosity, and amazing ability to portray the human condition in all its rawness, channeling a wealth of human emotions through both his comedy and his dramatic character portrayals…A man who made life worth living for Christopher Reeve in his darkest hour…A man who performed in dangerous war zones to support and uplift the troops…A man who treated everyone he met as a friend…A man who created ripples of laughter wherever he went…smiling, joking…Sure, he had his demons, but he had seemingly exorcised them years ago and freely reflected on them with humor during his frenetic comedy routines. He once admitted that he had considered suicide only once, and that he quickly saw the absurdity of his thoughts. He quipped that he told himself ‘you don’t have the balls to do it!” I wish he had said that to himself last Monday (August 11, 2014)…I wish he changed his mind, talked himself out of it, reached out for help…
#RIPRobinWilliams – A gentle genius and man of heart who brought joy and laughter to many while suffering in silence, alone. 

Perhaps the only explanation that gives any insight into why, can be found in the lines he uttered in one of his more dramatic character studies:

“I used to think the worst thing was to end up all alone. It isn’t. The worst thing is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.”

It breaks my heart to think he felt so alone in his depression that he chose to take his own life. The world, as well as his family, mourns this tragic loss of an extraordinary man who leaves behind a legacy of laughter, genius, kindness and goodwill. Remember him for the way he lived, not the way he died. But in his honor, spread awareness of the reality that #DepressionKills !! And nobody is immune to its attack…#DEPRESSION is an equal opportunity offender, defying age, class, race, ethnicity, religion, gender…in short, it can grab hold of anyone! If it remains hidden and/or untreated, often suicide is the ultimate resolution. 

If you are depressed, please GET HELP! Call someone! Get online & talk to someone! Do NOT “suck it up” & suffer in silence! 


*Call 24/7 1-800-273-TALK (8255) (National Suicide Prevention-USA)

I personally offer my friendship and service to each and every one of you. You are not alone…ever!

Love & Light,

Lisa PearlmanIMG_3003.JPG


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Let Go, Let Flow


Words by Lisa Pearlman
Background photo via ios7 iphone app

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A Kinder, Gentler World

Much Respect and Props to Hershey High students for this bold initiative!  
[See below article for details]

Spreading Awareness and Education are the key to ending Bullying and increasing Sensitivity and Tolerance toward others. Our similarities as human beings are stronger than our superficial differences! Expressing the benefits of “Inclusion” through creativity and art is an effective means to teach others and spread awareness in a non-threatening manner. Often the effects of being “preached to” yield unintended results and resistance, especially in the teenage population who are typically hostile and rebellious toward direct authoritarian methods of [re]direction. This “hands-on” approach is inclusive and experiential as students participate in and focus on a shared activity with a common goal. I hope that more schools and programs will follow suit with similar initiatives to address issues related to social diversity and exclusive thinking such as intolerance, hatred, prejudice, bullying, racism, equal rights, immigration, poverty stigma, socio-economics (class discrimination) and other such forms of discrimination. Because prejudice and discrimination are acquired beliefs and behavior respectively, based on “Us vs Them” thinking and fueled by learned stereotypes, we must begin by addressing the misinformation. We must attack the problem at its source, replacing the underlying Ignorance and Fear that foster an attitude of EXclusion, with Education, Awareness and Tolerance to change core thinking and foster an attitude of INclusion. There is no better way to change negative thoughts to positive, than by creating positive experiences that challenge and counter old thoughts and behaviors. Learning through personal experience, replacing ignorance with hands-on knowledge, paired with Cognitive Restructuring through role-playing and repetition, is our most effective tool to Unlearn fear-based thoughts and assumptions. 

Perhaps a kinder, gentler world, united in peace and our common humanity, is indeed a possibility for future generations. 

~ Lisa Pearlman  5/16/14              

Hershey High Students Render Inclusive Art Work – abc27 WHTM.

Hershey High Students Render Inclusive Art Work.


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Nothing is Ordinary

I happened to be driving home a few mornings ago, around 5:30am, so I seized a rare opportunity to catch the early sunrise.  I noticed, for the first time, a layer of thick white mist or fog hovering over the grass on the farmlands stretching across both sides of this rural road that I drive almost every day.  Of course, I stopped and took a slew of pictures!  It is amazing how photography has opened my eyes to every day little things that I ordinarily miss because I am too busy or preoccupied with thought to notice.

We function on autopilot so much of the time, unaware of our surroundings, blind to the beauty that exists all around us.  We drive familiar roads mindlessly, by rote, with our minds on everything but what we are experiencing in the present moment.  We are always hurrying to the next destination, using travel as a means to an end, to get from point A to point B. Our minds are always focused on the next task we have to complete, as if life consisted of a series of endless To-Do lists, with items being continually checked off, yet we never catch up with life. Then eventually life catches up with you, and there is no time left to complete the most important list, your bucket list, the one listing all the experiences you wanted to enjoy just as soon as you “got caught up” in the race of life.

Lately, I find myself practicing mindfulness daily, ever since I got my iphone and discovered the art of iphoneography.  It is like seeing for the first time!   I have rediscovered the world around me, and guess what?      

Nothing is Ordinary!                                

If we pay attention to details, to the little things, as well as the connections that exist throughout nature and between nature and humanity, we see the Harmony of the Universe, and our role as co-creators of our life and world.  And it is amazing!   Every moment is a spiritual awakening if you stay mindful. And every moment is an opportunity to find beauty as well as create it! 

Thank you to my cyberworld fam for sharing my journey of discovery. I Love y’all! 💜 Shine on! ☀️ Namasté 🙏

© Lisa Pearlman 5/4/14


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