Captive Beauty 

If I could save the sky in a bubble, 

capture clouds and horizon so blue,

I would be relieved of the mind-numbing trouble 

of describing their beauty to you.


If I could save the sunset in a bottle, 

The first thing that I’d want to do,

Is replace all your heartache and suffering

With the glow of divine love and truth.


© Lisa Pearlman (words & images) July/2015

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Tao Of Impermanence


There exists a harmony in nature like no other, a divine order and rhythm that is borne out of perfect chaos. It is by this process that the ever-expanding universe was created, the heavens and the Earth, the darkness and the light, all perfectly aligned in time and space, a precise balance and dynamic flow that never misses a beat or a turn of the wheel, a state of perpetual motion and constant change that define the infinite cycle of life. Has the sun ever failed to follow the moon? Has light ever failed to arise out of darkness or darkness to diminish light? Everything has a time, a season, a place…each moment, each breath, each experience is unique, fleeting and transitory…part of an infinite process set in motion upon the dawn of creation…an intensity of presence first rising, then falling, eventually dissipating into non-existence, while the next one manifests to replace the last…like a wave being swallowed up by the ocean…or a raindrop disappearing upon contact, merging with the Earth, or a larger body of water…once the part is absorbed into the whole, it ceases to exist as a separate entity…like all forms and phenomena in the physical plane of existence, this too shall pass. Take comfort in the present moment, just as it is, there is nothing else to attend to and nowhere else to be, except Here and Now. 

© Lisa Pearlman 6/2015

Perfect Harmony


All photos shot with iPhone 5c  © Lisa Pearlman (instamag templates used in photos 2 & 3 via Fotorus app for ipad)

Love & Light

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One Swan-a-Swimming

One Swan-a-Swimming, its dark silhouette gliding gracefully across golden waters,  a reflection of perfection,  mirroring the glorious sunset,  gold streaks splashed upon the infinite canvas of sky by God’s divine paintbrush. 

© Lisa Pearlman 6/16/15 (words & image by Lisa Pearlman)

Image taken with iPhone 5c (no edit, no filter)

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Orange is the New Black

Seasons shift like trends: what is now the rage, withers with the passage of time and eventually fades away into nostalgia. Until it bursts onto the scene like it never left, fresh & vibrant & new again.

In Autumn, Orange is the new Black.
© Lisa Pearlman 12/4/14


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Reality Architects

 “Reality Architects shape their world with their thoughts.  By attracting higher frequency vibrations, or energy, from Universe, they co-create portals of light that transcend all perceptual boundaries.  It is in this light that miracles manifest.”                                   

© Lisa Pearlman 2014


Photo & Words ©Lisa Pearlman 2014

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My Unconditional Valentine

To my cyber fam,
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Thanks for your readership and your friendship whether it be for a day or for a lifetime!
Rather than write a new post specifically for Valentine’s Day, I feel it’s appropriate to repost a previous Valentines message I had written, as it still holds true today!
Love, Light & Peace,




Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva

My “Happy Valentine’s Day” Message to my Family, Friends and Followers:

The Enduring and Unconditional Love that defines a true friendship is a precious and rare gift, a blessing beyond compare. Romantic feelings come and go, along with their associated attachments; they are an all-inclusive packaged deal accessorized with costly baggage and personal drama that accumulates exponentially with experience and time. LOVE – REAL LOVE – is pure, unconditonal, transformative, healing, expansive, and self-sustaining. A vibration of the highest frequency, LOVE connects us to one another, as well as to the Universal Source; LOVE raises our vibrational frequency to a level of pure consciousness, revealing our core essence and potential as divine beings, creating miracles, transforming possibilities into manifest realities, dissolving negativity and transcending self-imposed limitations. Love attracts Love…Love “adds to”, never “detracts from”…Love gets stronger the more it is shared…if you give Love freely, it will come back to…

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Survival of the Fittest or Karmic Justice?

As a child in grammar school, I thought extinction was something
that applied only in pre-historic times, and only to dinosaurs and a "mythical" bird, not known for its quick wit and intellect (nor its survival skills apparently), called the “Do-Do Bird.” It didn’t seem possible to my fragile young mind that in this modern day and age, with all the knowledge we humans possess and our seemingly endless supply of land and resources, that extinction would ever be a relevant concern in "real life." Having retained some of that idealism from my childhood, I still have trouble swallowing the bitter pill that reality shoves down my throat. Mostly because I know it doesn't have to be this way…

But before change can occur, we must first take our heads out of the sand and accept the error of our ways.

The accompanying article depicts but one example of the sad but true reality of the ongoing destruction of our planet and the tragic extinction of its life forms, a direct result of years of human greed, ignorance and apathy. Like irresponsible children that break their toys given to them as gifts, having not yet developed understanding of concepts like worth, value, depreciation and impermanence, so do we destroy the precious gifts bestowed upon us; the only difference is that we, as adults, should know better. We are entrusted with the responsibility to show our children how to survive, thrive, conserve (precious resources) and preserve life on this planet, with intention of creating an abundant, secure future for planet Earth, humanity and all terrestrial life.

Is our current path of destruction what we want to pass on to our children? Is it what YOU want to pass on to YOUR children? Time to start caring, sharing and daring to make a difference! Unfortunately, it may soon be too late for the dwindling population of certain species as well as for some of the Earth's rapidly depleting resources, but – time is of the essence!

Love and Light,


Please Read: Associated Article that inspired my editorial:


Note: Photos are extracted/reposted from above linked article on

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