From Detox to Dharma

It has been said that “Religion is the Opiate for (of?) the Masses.” Appropriate analogy? Opiates initially soothe the soul, but eventually become all-consuming…progressing to Addiction, depravity, destruction and death. It is a fact that more wars have been fought and more blood has been shed in the name of RELIGION, than for any other reason in the history of our planet. Religion tends to label and divide people by their belief in a certain dogma…it divides families, communities, countries and nations. It is EXclusive rather than INclusive.
I believe Spirituality, in contrast, is “the Unity of the Masses.” Essentially INclusive, it UNITES the entire Universe as ONE. It reflects our personal connection, or relationship, with our Higher Power…with our Higher Self, each other, nature, the Universe and all that is divine.
In conclusion, I am unimpressed by Religion and the hypocricy it spreads like a contagious disease. I am currently engaged in spiritual pursuits, working on deepening my connection with my higher power and my higher self. I am exploring various spiritual practices such as Buddhism (as a philosophy rather than a religion), Mindfulness and the art of Zen, Meditation in its many different forms, mysticism and shamanism, Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, the mantras and teachings of Indian gurus, and the ancient wisdom of Eastern healers and masters. © Lisa Pearlman


9 Responses to From Detox to Dharma

  1. This is such a clear description of the huge difference between religion and spirituality. Thanks for this. Cyrus

    • scorpiol13 says:

      Thank you so much for this comment 🙂 I am still new to blogging, especially to WordPress, somehow I missed this comment last time I checked. I am normally on my iphone, but now I have a Kindle Fire so the whole wordpress experience is more complete. I hope you are well. I enjoy your blog and learn a lot about blogging styles in addition to the awesome content!

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  3. Jacob Nordby says:


    it is wonderful to meet you, too. Thank you for sharing your journey with the world. I honor your path.


    Jacob Nordby

  4. ellieevensong says:

    I really like your blog…very serene….lots of light…
    I understand exactly where you are coming from. I agree that spirituality has nothing to do with man made institutions/systems like religion. Personally I went into search mode, exploring eastern practices, ancient philosophies and wisdom.. In my baggage from that journey I carry some of the philosophy of buddhism, some ideas of the Tao, the beliefs of the Essenes, and the metaphysical wisdom of Christ. I finally realized that Christ has absolutely nothing to do with the religions that society built around his name…..what a world!!!


    • Thanks for your feedback! I am now following your blog also. I enjoyed your most recent post & look forward to reading earlier posts. I feel I can learn a lot from you as you are very wise & have done your share of soul searching and research into different spiritual traditions, consciousness, quantum physics etc. Your blog is very enlightening! Namasté … Love & Light

  5. Amen to this message! I’ve had the same thought. Thanks for expressing it so clearly.

    • I am so pleased that you liked it! Thank you Sharon! And thank you for your suggestions! I am still trying to figure out how to post one of my own photos as a header image on this blog…

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