Our Inbox Will Never Be Empty

Feeling rushed and stressed this holiday season? Slow down, take a few deep breaths, and recite the Serenity Prayer…and remember, no matter how hard you work, how many hours you put in, how much clutter you clear up…Life goes on, marching right alongside Time! It Whether you are ready or not! Life will not wait for you to finish that next task or project…or for you to get closer to that ever-elusive status of “Done” ✅ ✔️💯☑️ Nope! In the end, whether you like it or not, the fact remains: 


I Love y’all!! Enjoy your holidays! May they be filled with Love, Light, Laughter, and moments of Peace and Joy!! As I wish all your days to be abundant with!! As they should be!!
Namasté ❤ Love & Light ❤ #OneLove

Hope you can relate to my psycho-babble and spiritual musings shared above & below 😉 Enjoy!

There is no catching up in life. Our inbox will never be empty! We hurry to get things done…only to free up time to get more things done…so we can finish…get caught up…stay ahead of the game…So we can do even more! We are like robots, mindlessly doing, doing, doing…when was the last time you took 5 minutes to just BE…while doing absolutely nothing? We are human BEings, not human DOings…so what happens if we never get caught up and we die with unpaid bills, unwashed laundry, unanswered email? It's time we celebrate our consciousness and be mindful of this moment! Right Now! STOP multi-tasking for a minute and just BE. Just perceive and breathe in life!



About Lisa Pearlman

I am a Writer - iphoneographer - Social Media Artist - Content Creator/Curator (Freelancer) I have a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from UMASS-Amherst. My past employment was primarily in human services, having worked as a counselor/case manager in both a residential mental health setting as well as in correctional facilities. My passions include Love, Peace, Writing, Reading, iphoneography, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Spirituality, Meditation, Music, HipHop, Internet Radio & blogging. I believe LOVE has the power to heal all suffering. I am forever a work in progress.
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