My Unconditional Valentine

My “Happy Valentine’s Day” Message to my Family, Friends and Followers:

The Enduring and Unconditional Love that defines a true friendship is a precious and rare gift, a blessing beyond compare. Romantic feelings come and go, along with their associated attachments; they are an all-inclusive packaged deal accessorized with costly baggage and personal drama that accumulates exponentially with experience and time. LOVE – REAL LOVE – is pure, unconditonal, transformative, healing, expansive, and self-sustaining. A vibration of the highest frequency, LOVE connects us to one another, as well as to the Universal Source; LOVE raises our vibrational frequency to a level of pure consciousness, revealing our core essence and potential as divine beings, creating miracles, transforming possibilities into manifest realities, dissolving negativity and transcending self-imposed limitations. Love attracts Love…Love “adds to”, never “detracts from”…Love gets stronger the more it is shared…if you give Love freely, it will come back to you in abundance.
So on this day dedicated to the Art of Love, know that you are truly loved!!
Thank you for being in my life ❤

© Lisa Pearlman



About Lisa Pearlman

I am a Writer - iphoneographer - Social Media Artist - Content Creator/Curator (Freelancer) I have a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from UMASS-Amherst. My past employment was primarily in human services, having worked as a counselor/case manager in both a residential mental health setting as well as in correctional facilities. My passions include Love, Peace, Writing, Reading, iphoneography, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Spirituality, Meditation, Music, HipHop, Internet Radio & blogging. I believe LOVE has the power to heal all suffering. I am forever a work in progress.
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One Response to My Unconditional Valentine

  1. Reblogged this on Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva and commented:

    To my cyber fam,
    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Thanks for your readership and your friendship whether it be for a day or for a lifetime!
    Rather than write a new post specifically for Valentine’s Day, I feel it’s appropriate to repost a previous Valentines message I had written, as it still holds true today!
    Love, Light & Peace,


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