My So-Called Life


Live Today like it is all you have…yesterday is gone, tomorrow is only a word to denote a Today that may never come.  NOW is the moment each of us must zoom in on, to achieve total awareness, to be fully awake in the present.  If you stay in the NOW, every moment is a unique gift that you open and appreciate…if you cling tightly to any one gift, or examine it too intently, you will be holding onto the past, an empty box, while a steady stream of unique gifts pass you by, just out of reach.  ©Lisa Pearlman
(Above photo courtesy of Internet, unknown source)


About Lisa Pearlman

I am a Writer - iphoneographer - Social Media Artist - Content Creator/Curator (Freelancer) I have a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from UMASS-Amherst. My past employment was primarily in human services, having worked as a counselor/case manager in both a residential mental health setting as well as in correctional facilities. My passions include Love, Peace, Writing, Reading, iphoneography, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Spirituality, Meditation, Music, HipHop, Internet Radio & blogging. I believe LOVE has the power to heal all suffering. I am forever a work in progress.
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2 Responses to My So-Called Life

  1. Gus Roe says:

    Had to share this one Lisa. Thanks!

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