Love in Vain

Time heals all wounds, albeit slowly, and never quite completely. But all we can do is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep it moving. Whatever pain we feel is proportionate to the lesson learned. And if the lesson was not learned, you can be sure the experience, and it’s accompanying pain will be yours again. Forgive so you may learn, and learn so that you may forgive. Your Resentments and Grudges will destroy YOU from the inside out…while the one you can’t forgive or forget, has moved on, like teflon, all the pain and anger you directed at him (or her) slid right off and ricocheted back to you. Let it go…so you can break the cycle and embrace a new day. Remember, tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Love may bring pain, but never is Love in vain.


About Lisa Pearlman

I AM: a creatively inspired freelance Writer and iphoneographer/visual artist - Social Media Content Creator/Curator - animal rights activist - Voice for the Voiceless. I also identify as a "HSP", (empath or highly sensitive person). I feel like a modern day "Catcher in the Rye," on a mission to save the world, one sentient being at a time. But first I must turn inward, to tune into pure awareness without interference from the mind's thoughts. Connecting with Source at this transcendent level of consciousness, I am free to co-create my reality, one mindfully inspired moment at a time. I earned a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from UMASS-Amherst. My llchosen career path was in human services, helping adults recover from addiction and/or mental illness and reintegrate into society. I worked as a counselor/case manager in a residential mental health setting as well as in correctional facilities. I hope the content I create and/or share online (and in the real world) inspires others to help co-create a kinder gentler world. By spreading awareness of injustices and educating the public through shared content, we build rapport and develop empathy, identifying and promoting shared values like Peace, Love, Compassion, Kindness, and Tolerance. My other passions include Writing, Reading, Photography/iphoneography, learning, self-improvement, Animals, Spirituality, mindfulness, Meditation, contemplation, Philosophy, problem-solving, listening to Music, HipHop, Internet Radio & blogging. I believe LOVE has the power to heal all suffering. I am forever a work in progress.
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1 Response to Love in Vain

  1. Gus Rowe says:

    Thank you Lisa, well-said. Odd, I’ve been thinking of writing something similar on my blog, something along the lines of grieving over “loss” of most any kind. It’s a process that has no expiration date. Best to embrace it, learn from it, lean on those elements that brought us joy and happiness, and let the rest go.


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