Happy Mothers’ Day Weekend

Hey fam!

Happy Friday!!! Thanks to y’all for your love and support!!! I love you unconditionally and am grateful to you for adding value to my life’s experiences. Life would not be the same without you in it… literally! Each and every one of us is here on Earth for a purpose… each one an integral part of the whole, yet uniquely valuable in one’s own essence, each a primary player on a journey of his/her own design, while also playing a supporting role in the journey of others.

Remember, every day you wake up is a new day to reinvent yourself, a fresh opportunity to create your life by design. The Universe is ready and eager to co-create with you and manifest your dreams and desires into reality! Show up and be present for the experience, tuned in and ready to receive and match vibrations of the highest frequency, that of Love. Today, strive to be your best version of YOU! Be kind to every being whom you cross paths with, human or animal… there are no chance encounters in life… no accidents… everything happens for a reason… all is inter-connected… every experience and relationship is meant to be, whether for a passing moment in time or for a lifetime and beyond. As you look into the eyes of a person or animal, look through his/her eyes beyond any physical presence… do you see your own reflection? As you look through those eyes and see deep into the soul, remind yourself that your guardian angel can appear to you on Earth in any form at any time.

Stay well and have an awesome weekend! Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Moms! If you are not a mom or you do not share a relationship with your own mother, honor someone “mother-like” whom you admire and/or love. And, most importantly, remember to honor and love yourself, unconditionally, just as you are. Namasté 🙏

Love & Light,



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Let’s Start a Revolution

Reposting this blog post from a couple years ago, as it seems even more appropriate now. with all the chaos, violence and disillusionment as of late. Whether it’s chaos with the current political climate in America, global instability, mass school shootings, animal cruelty, human trafficking, bullying…fill in your own grievance or tragic event of choice…it is evident that change is needed if we are to continue to survive and thrive as a human race as well as functioning as a pseudo-civilized society. Please be kind to one another and to your fellow living creatures. Fight Hatred, Injustice and Violence with Love, Compassion and Empowerment. Be a VOICE for the Voiceless, Be the Change you wish to see in the world. It is the only way out of this mess! It is the only way to evolve and awaken to our true potential.
Namasté ~ Love & Light to you all

Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva

The world needs Change. There is no question about that. The “Whys” are obvious and numerous. We can argue back and forth about the “What” since people’s values and priorities may differ based on their quality of life. But the million dollar question that keeps politicians, activists and anyone who truly cares about the state of our planet up at night is “How?” HOW do we affect change? HOW do we implement change of any real substance or staying power (longevity.) To quote The Beatles: “You say you want a Revolution? Well you know, we all want to change the world.”
A Revolution does not have to be marked by chaos, violence and power. Silence can be Revolutionary. Love can be Revolutionary. Spirituality can be Revolutionary. We must find peaceful, non-violent means to revolutionize and change things in this world, to change the status quo so as to improve life…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

(**I apologize for posting this a day late! I fell asleep before posting it on all my sites!**)


Whether or not you are single or in a romantic relationship matters not – celebrate YOU today! Be your own Valentine! Love Yourself! #DoYou!! Pamper yourself today!Celebrate family & friends! Smile warmly at strangers. And don’t forget to share your love with a 4-legged furry friend (or if you prefer, even a not-so-furry non-human being with 2 legs like a bird or no legs like a dolphin or dare I suggest, a snake?!) Remember your loved ones who have transitioned out of their bodies to the great beyond, and cherish those memories! Just for today, Choose Love! And you can make the same choice each and every day! You can mindfully choose Love over Hate every day, every hour, every minute! Practice and make LOVE a conscious habit! It’s your life and your choice, so why not create your reality mindfully and lovingly? Change begins with YOU! And ME! So BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

Love Unconditionally…til the wheels fall off!

Following this, I am sharing a video of my personal memories with “My Fluffy Friends” (Spaz & Chyna) to celebrate LOVE today!

R.I.P. Spaz (July 2007- Jan 2016) 🐱🙏💜

Love & Light ~ Namasté


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HAPPY NEW YEAR fam!!! 2017 is dead and gone! I’m over it! One for the history books! Wishing you a year of abundance in 2018! Let the co-creation commence now!

May you align your intent with Source energy to manifest your dreams into reality, and graciously accept from the Universe fulfillment of all personal needs. May you count among your blessings, Unconditional Love, Happiness, Success, Health, and Inner Peace. Be willing to manifest light where there is darkness. Share your light and positive energy freely, source is renewable and shared potential is infinite. In the infinite words of wisdom from Gandhi, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World”; do not wait for “somebody” to act first…YOU are “somebody”…You are the one you’ve been waiting for! There is no director to yell “Action” or bark a command at you…it is your reality you are co-creating…you are in charge of your roleplay…you decide how to play it! Be Inspired by the light around you, slow your roll, experience the journey and appreciate the little gifts along the way. Experience is a teacher; Learn from mistakes. Suffering is central to the Human Experience, accept this premise; seek out the irony and absurdity in this and in all truths, and you will be rewarded with strength and resilience in face of adversity. Humor offers detachment by creating a shift in perspective; Laugh Loudly and Often. Show up and Be Present – Cultivate Awareness beyond Mind, without commentary, as the observer within – Be the Silent Witness who pays attention to all without Attachment to outcomes. Once you awaken this inner Witness, stay “Woke!” Tune in to the Miracles that reveal themselves at this higher level of consciousness. Love one another. Love all creatures, big and small. Respect the sanctity of Life itself. Speak and act with Compassion and Respect toward all sentient beings. Promote kindness whenever possible; it is always possible. Love Unconditionally. We are all in this together!

One Love & One Light Eternal,



©️2018 Lisa Pearlman

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Words Matter


I initially wrote the “letter” below as an email to a dear friend of mine who uses the written word to inspire others and promote healing.  Everything he posts online are shared with his intent to promote positivity, inclusion and love.  I have since decided to share my correspondence as a blog post, in light of recent tragedies around the world, to remind people that whether or not you have money or status, is of no consequence  when it comes to helping others.  All that matters is your intent.  If you have kindness in your heart, then you can be of service to others and help those suffering and in need of hope or comfort.  Your words hold great power, whether written or spoken.  Think about that the next time you are tempted to make a sarcastic remark or minimize someone’s feelings over what you deem to be inconsequential.  Take a moment to breathe, ask yourself the following questions: Are my chosen words going to make this person feel loved, inspired or understood? Are my words going to hurt someone’s feelings? Are my words going to make me feel better, at the expense of someone else’s feelings? Are my words coming from my heart, or my head?  Only after considering these questions, should you speak or write or type words to express yourself.  You matter, others matter, and so do the words you use to interact with the outside world. That being said, remember you are never truly powerless – you choose the words you use, based on your intent, and that choice in and of itself hold great power! Without further ado, here it is. 

Dear Friend:

Your words, as well as your deeds, will live on forever, as your everlasting legacy. You create timeless masterpieces with your willfully woven words of truth and sincerity. Your art is a reflection of your delicate heart…a written revelation of sorts that serves as testament to your strength of spirit and purity of soul. The key to the kingdom lies within you, and that is the Love that you share and express through your carefully crafted words. Love moves mountains and creates reality out of possibilities…Love is the force within and without, the miracle that transforms the field of pure potentiality into dynamic energy, the life-force that animates all forms of life. 

©️2017 Lisa Pearlman 

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Winter Symphony 

“Silence echoed through the chilly air like soundwaves frozen in time, reverbing off trees throughout the sparsely populated forest, nature’s vibrations muffled under a blanket of fluffy snow, a woodsy winter wonderland bathed in a soft, frosty glow.” ~ Lisa Pearlman 12/15/14

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Tree branches stand naked and erect during the Winter season…like intersecting veins, they cross and change direction…forked serpentine tongues extending upwards in winding randomness… as time passes, so the life cycle continues… filling in the lonely gaps and broken lines with silky blooms and warm colors… erasing the wreckage from the previous season and leaving in its absence new hopes, planting the seedling dreams in hopes of creating a fresh crop of memories.   © 2016 Lisa Pearlman


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